Chester County Ranks Nationally Among Counties Where Most People Work from Home

woman on laptop working from home
Image via iStock.

During COVID-19, people took to working at home, and although many companies have returned to “in-person” work, there are still plenty of Americans who still work from home, writes Annalise Mantz for Stacker.

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 59 percent of respondents were working from home in 2022. Additionally, ClickUp collected data from the 2021 Census Bureau to see which counties in each state had the most people working from home.

In Pennsylvania, Chester County has the most residents working from home in the state.

29.1 percent of workers work at home and the total number of workers who are 16 years and older is 280,530.

The percentage of workers statewide who work from home is 18.7 percent with a total number of 6.1 million workers statewide.

Read more about the top counties in the nation with the most people working from home at Stacker.


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