CCRES Funds Van Purchases for Achieve Program

One of the vans purchased for the Achieve program by CCRES
Image via CCRES

CCRES, a local nonprofit based in Downingtown that provides educational and behavioral health services to schools, intermediate units, and community programs, recently funded the purchase of two transport vans for the Achieve program.

The Achieve program, which operates through the Chester County Intermediate Unit, is a program for adults with disabilities, ages 21 and older, who require assistance to develop a wide range of life skills while participating in their community.  

Achieve develops learning opportunities for individuals based on their unique skills and interests. 

That means community outings to the library, local businesses and restaurants, parks, and gyms. 

Reliable and comfortable transportation is essential to facilitate community participation in activities, which comprises 25 percent of the program.

CCRES also supplies the Direct Support Professionals (DSP) who assist the consumers in the program and drive the vans to the off-site locations.

 DSPs typically work with clients in small groups along with therapists and other CCIU staff, creating engaging, enriching, and beneficial experiences to help the consumers grow and learn.

Laurie Masino, a supervisor for Community Based Instruction & Adult Services at the Achieve Program stated that “the acquisition of the vans and the dedicated Direct Support Professionals are crucial to allowing the clients to engage with the local community.”

CCRES was formed in partnership with the Chester County Intermediate Unit in 1999 in an effort to meet the increasing need for reliable, high-quality educational and behavioral health services to schools, intermediate units and community programs. 

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