This Chesco Movie Theater Among Best Cinemas in Philadelphia Region

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With several multiplexes in the Philadelphia region providing the usual mega-blockbuster fare, there are also plenty of cinemas that offer something more ambitious and esoteric, be it with their atmosphere or programming, writes John Semley for the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

One of the best of these cinemas is the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville

The Colonial is bursting with history. It was established as the “Colonial Opera House” in 1903 and is famous for being featured in the 1958 Steve McQueen cult classic, The Blob.

Recently renovated and restored, the movie theater offers a combination of first-run features with classics, sing-a-long screenings of movie musicals, and stand-up comedy shows. Movie lovers can also enjoy pop-ups courtesy of Secret Cinema, the local cult movie club. 

And as a bonus, the venue also hosts a three-day “Blobfest” each year, which must rank among the most significant Blob-based annual events in the nation. Famously each year the festival includes a recreation of the famous run-out scene that was filmed at the theater. 

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Blobfest 2022.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in August 2022.

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