Mobile IDs Could Be Coming to Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvanians could soon get the option to use mobile IDs on their phones, writes Henry Savage for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Pennsylvania State Representative Dan Miller is planning on re-introducing legislation that would allow residents to download a digitized version of their state driver’s license using a phone app. Miller introduced this bill previously but it did not garner enough support at the time.

“The reality of it is more and more people are relying on this type of digital tool, from carrying health-related and financial information to being able to comply for identification requirements – it just makes sense,” Miller said.

If the bill passes, Miller expects it would take around 12 months before the system would officially roll out to all residents.

Mobile ID is a secured digitized version of a regular state identification that can be displayed on a phone whenever required. The main advantage is that it cannot be stolen or lost and it can be easily updated. Residents are still issued a physical ID, as the mobile version only acts as an additional option. Currently, seven states have a form of mobile ID and two more are working on rolling out a similar product.

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PennDOT explains Real ID.

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