Die-Hard Vanguard Investors Known as Bogleheads Not Scared of Market Volatility

Image via Vanguard.

Die-hard Vanguard investors who call themselves Bogleheads after the late Jack Bogle, founder of the Malvern-based investment giant, are not easily frightened by market volatility, writes Kim Clark for the Kiplinger.

During the 2022 Bogleheads Conference held in Chicago in October, on one of the most volatile days in the stock market’s history, participants had already set their positions without reaching for their phones or contacting their brokers. Instead they followed the advice of the conference’s inspirational figure that emphasized ignoring short-term blips and focusing on low-cost, long-term passive investing instead of chasing hot tips or panic selling.

During his talk, Jim Dahle, a physician-turned-investing guru and author of The White Coat Investor, noted that the U.S. stock market has managed to recover from every bearish slump in its history.

“I expect to live through 17 bear markets as an investor,” he told the participant, adding that in October 1987, “the stock market had the biggest one-day drop ever, but it still finished positive for the year.”

He summed up his presentation by quoting the title of one of Bogle’s books: “Stay the course.” Read more about Vanguard in the Kiplinger.

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