Five Signs You Should Quit Your Job

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In the age of quiet quitting and The Great Resignation, more people are leaving their jobs for positions that better fit their needs. There are many reasons why one may want to leave their job, but they still may be uncertain. Here are five signs you should quit your job, according to  

Being overworked 

An essential element of a healthy job is proper work-life-balance. If you find yourself working overtime and taking little vacations, it’s probably the time to hang up your hat.  

No room for growth 

If you find yourself plateauing in your position, despite taking initiative, it’s a sign you need to spread your wings and look elsewhere.  

Feeling belittled 

Everyone wants to have good relationships with their coworkers. Lack of respect from your colleagues can make your time unpleasant. Removing yourself from a toxic workplace environment can drastically improve your mental health.  

Finding out you’re underpaid 

If you find out that you’re getting paid less than what you deserve through salary benchmarking and conversations with your co-workers, now’s the time to hand in that resignation letter.  

Your job makes you sick 

A stressful job can have a dire impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. Constant illnesses, as well as anxiety and depression, are a surefire sign that you probably need a new position.  

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Youtuber Jennifer Brick gives five signs you should quit your job.

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