West Chester Expert’s Advice for Educators on AI Content: ‘Fight Fire with Fire’

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An Artificial Intelligence Golden Age is around the corner. Online AI tools can generate images based on a phrase or sentence; other applications edit photos to make a person look like a fantasy character. While this seems like all fun and games, the rise of AI can have serious implications.  

ChatGPT is among the most popular.

It was originally developed in 2020 as a digital conversation partner. However, its latest iteration in 2022 has been going viral, and unfortunately, this has not boded well for educators. West Chester’s Brian Thuer, a business professional and expert on new technologies, shared his insights with the publication Downbeach.  

Teachers and professors have been concerned about their students using ChatGPT to basically write their essays for them. It can be hard to circumvent and thwart this sophisticated technology, but Thuer’s advice is to “fight fire with fire.” 

He recommends GLTR, which is an AI tool that can check essays to see if they were written by ChatGPT. However, Thuer says that this isn’t as effective against other AI’s that have similar functions as ChatGPT.  

Thuer believes this will turn into an arms race, and there will be an emergence of AI specifically to target AI technology writing. Academic institutions might have to invest in this technology in the future.  

Read more about Thuer’s professional insight in Downbeach.  

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