Coatesville Woman Reunites With Man Who Saved Her After Car Crash

Carla Long and Robert Williams
Image via Inside Edition.
Carla Long and Robert Williams hugging.

In a heartwarming follow up to a harrowing tale, Coatesville’s Carla Long was able to find and reunite with the man who saved her life last week after her car slid on ice on Route 82 and crashed into a ditch, reports Inside Edition.

After the crash, cars continued to pass her until the mystery motorist appeared and called 911. However, the man was almost hit by another vehicle as it too came tumbling down into the ditch and banged into Long’s car.

Amidst the chaos of help arriving, neither Long nor the police were able to properly thank her rescuer.

“I want to hug him. I owe him everything,” said Long, who is a grandmother of seven.

Finally, she was able to reunite with Robert Williams, a truck driver from Clifton Heights, Delaware County. The two were able to connect after a friend of Williams’ son saw a local news video and reached out to the family.

“I’m glad you’re all right,” said Williams as the two embraced.

Watch the video below to hear more about the rescue at Inside Edition.

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