Malvern Prep Remains a Powerhouse for Wrestling in Chester County

Malvern Prep Coach Nate Lautar
Malvern Prep coach Nate Lautar addresses his team before wrestle-offs.

Malvern Prep is considered the “pinnacle” of wrestling in the greater Philadelphia area, writes Nate Heckenberger for PA Prep Live.

It’s a huge asset to Chester County, and a hub for student-athletes with big dreams. But it doesn’t come without its challenges. 

This hub for potential Prep All-American wrestlers can be a bit pricey, and parents are concerned about the trade-off between the price-tag and the opportunities it brings.  

That doesn’t stop Malvern Prep from being a powerhouse. Coach Nate Lautar, who took over the wrestling team in 2011, shows his dedication despite the financial setbacks.  

“I’m here four days a week, all year around. Whether it’s conditioning, whether it’s clubs, whether it’s camps, this isn’t just show up, recruit kids and build some superstar team. It’s not that easy. Our school doesn’t have scholarships, it’s all need-based financial aid so to get kids and build a team is way harder than people think,” he said.  

The tuition is just over $38,500. At the same time, the program gives kids with a passion for wrestling the chance to challenge themselves.  

“You have to keep working,” said SP O’Donnell, a senior at Malvern Prep. “I see all these kids lose a wrestle-off as a freshman or sophomore, but it doesn’t matter. It just gets you that much better and that much more prepared to be a starter because you have to earn it,” he said.  

Read more about Malvern Prep in PA Prep Live.  

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