‘We Can Make a Difference’: Kennett Square Market Attracts Customers with Delicious Coffee, Joyful Smiles

Country Butcher workers
Image via Jen Samuel, Daily Local News.
Cristina Guerrero, left, and Angelica Ortiz.

Country Butcher, a fine foods market in Kennett Square, attracts customers with its delicious coffee and artisan food, but it is the women who work there who are the true difference-makers, writes Jen Samuel for The Daily Local News

Each day, Angelica Ortiz and Cristina Guerrero greet customers with a smile and joyful countenance. While serving others in the fast-paced hospitality environment, they always make sure to extend a gesture of kindness to those around them. 

Ortiz and Guerrero make Country Butcher stand out among many other places that offer great coffee and food in the region by being a team of genuinely kind people. 

Ortiz was born in Puerto Rico, and she currently lives with her husband and their son in Oxford. Guerrero grew up in Mexico, and she now lives in Kennett Square with her husband and two kids. 

Both have had to overcome obstacles in their lives and have chosen to be happy. 

“It feels hopeful to know we can make a difference,” said Ortiz. “Even as cafe workers, we can make a difference. We all can.” 

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in July 2022.

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