4 Tips on How to Land Your Dream Job During a Recession  

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Job-searching can be intimidating, especially during a recession. Executive career coach Wassim Hajjiri gives advice on how to land your dream job, even when the economy is not at its peak.  

Shift Your Mindset 

Between July and August of this year, 528,000 new jobs were created according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Staying optimistic and telling yourself that you deserve to land your dream job will shift your mindset, Hajjiri writes for Forbes.  

Update your résumé 

When updating your CV, make sure you’re specific about your goals. To ensure happiness and satisfaction at your next gig, rule out anything that you don’t want.  

Networking is key  

Hajirri says that 80 percent of jobs are found through networking. He recommends networking at least once a week through. Tap into your personal network and greater community. Social media is also a great way to make connections.  

Grow your skillset 

New skills can open up new positions you probably wouldn’t have considered. Taking advantage of free online resources, libraries or podcasts can help you expand on specialized skills, making you a highly marketable job-seeker and valuable employee.  

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Youtuber Jennifer Brick gives advice on how to find a job during the recession.

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