It’s Going to Be a Great Year. Are You Ready?

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Have you clearly defined five key goals for next year? 

Have you written out your strategy for achieving these goals?

Are you writing out your goals every day? 

Have you identified the one habit in the process chain that you need to improve? 

If you have done these things, then congratulations! You are well on your way to your Best Year EVER.

However, 80 percent of people won’t do these simple action steps. The only way to change your results is to change your behavior and habits. “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten!”  

Unfortunately, too many people try to find a magic bullet to get better results without changing their behavior. 

  • They will read books to find a secret. Nothing wrong with reading books, but it’s like reading a book to become a world-class golfer, swimmer, or astronaut — it doesn’t work. You may be more knowledgeable, but you will still get the same results. 
  • They will try to organize their prospects/sales materials/calendar system, etc. Again, nothing wrong with organization, but that in and of itself does not lead to improved habits and better results. 
  • They will search how to outsmart the system. They will create a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, a website, a Twitter account, etc., hoping to magically create sales.
  • They will read articles and posts from anybody and everybody hoping for a pot of gold. The problem is that they don’t dig in to consider the source and don’t follow through with these suggestions anyway.

The only thing that will change your results is to change “what you’ve always done.”  And you must change the habit with the most leverage — the weak link in your process. The key to your success is changing the key habit that you are weakest at and like doing the least. 

Albert E.N. Gray said, “The common denominator of success is that successful people have formed the habit of doing the things unsuccessful people don’t like to do.”

Note he doesn’t say that successful people like doing those things, just that they have formed the habit of doing them. Exercise is a great example. Not many people really like to exercise, but they love the results and the way they feel after exercising. It’s 100 percent the same with running your business! 

It is time to get out of your comfort zone. Identify one habit that is holding you back. People who change one key habit achieve 50-100 percent higher results — now that’s leverage! You don’t have to change everything, just one key habit — it could be prospecting, or calling, or interviewing, or closing, or handling stalls and objections. But if you change this one critical habit, your results will take off. 

Don’t wait another day. Go to for more goal planning and strategy tips.  My enthusiastic wish for you is that next year will be Your Best Year EVER! 

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