Temple University President, West Chester Native Encourages Highschoolers to View World with Curiosity 

Jason Wingard
Image via Jessica Griffin, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Jason Wingard, center.

Temple University president and West Chester native Jason Wingard visited Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School earlier this week, where he shared his experiences growing up in Chester County and encouraged students to approach the world with curiosity, writes Kristen A. Graham for The Philadelphia Inquirer

In his childhood and youth, Wingard used to quiz the people he met about their life experiences, including his teachers, his school bus driver, and the clerk at Wawa. His desire to learn more about the world and determine what sort of paths were open to him has served him well over the years. 

He has worked on Wall Street, authored books, served in leadership positions at several Ivy League schools, and is now serving as the first Black president of Temple University, Pennsylvania’s second-largest university. 

While talking about his experiences, he advised students to approach the world in a similar way and to learn from everyone. 

“I have a really wide network, I know people all over the world,” Wingard said. “Now when I need something, I know people everywhere because I have put myself out there to do that.” 

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