How a Spring City Farm Inspired a Luxury Beef Empire in Northcentral PA 


Lindsay and Mike Miller
Image via Greenwood Valley Wagyu.
Lindsay and Mike Miller with their wagyu cattle at Greenwood Valley.

Lindsay and Mike Miller owe it all to their families for sparking their life-long passion for farming. Now, they have a farm of their own which breeds high-class specialty beef that is normally rare to find in northcentral Pennsylvania. Lindsay’s family owns Stonyrun Farms in Spring City which started a wagyu beef operation in 2008, writes Ashley Little for  

Although her passion originated in Chester County, Lindsay and her husband found their business up north in Columbia County. They opened their farm, Greenwood Valley Wagyu, in 2017. It wasn’t until 2021 that they started to sell to consumers.  

Despite growing up with dairy cattle, this couple has turned into wagyu savants. These bovines from Japan are “finicky” to take care of. They require more monitoring and a stricter food schedule in order to obtain the “high fat marbling” beef-lovers desire.  

These grass and grain-fed cows are pretty heart-healthy according to health experts. Studies also show that it doesn’t raise cholesterol levels. However, the cattle does not come cheap. It’s estimated that it costs $6,000-8,000 per cow or bull.  

“We know every single animal that’s in our barn,” she said. “Our hands touch that animal. We know their personalities; we know when an animal’s not feeling well. So they’re not just another number to us.” 

Selling to restaurants, grocery stores and other markets, the Millers say that community is “essential” to their business.  

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