When Phoenixville Couple Left Free Flowers on Their Front Porch, They Didn’t Expect Such Poppy-ular Results

Front Porch Flower Farm
Image via Front Porch Flower Farm.

After Rob and Jen Jones placed extra flowers on the porch of their Phoenixville home for anyone to take in the summer of 2017, a few kind neighbors left payments in exchange for the otherwise-free bouquets.

The husband and wife soon realized the potential that sat before them, and it quickly manifested in what is now known as the Front Porch Flower Farm.

The 0.3-acre micro-farm, formed in their own backyard, is a combination of Jen’s love for flowers and design and Rob’s passion for gardening and growing. Now, they sell chemical-free, seasonal flowers from June to October.  

Their sustainable practices ensure that they leave the soil healthier than when they started and that their customers receive the freshest blooms. In order to keep the bugs, slugs, and other creatures away, the Joneses employ ducks and beneficial insects to maintain their garden’s beauty. 

The couple grows an array of Sunflowers, Cosmos, Dahlias, Zinnias, and numerous other pretty petals. 

“Our emphasis is on classic, heirloom flowers that would look right at home in your grandmother’s cutting garden,” their Front Porch Flower Farm website states.

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