Avondale’s Garo Yepremian, The Man Behind One of the Most Epic and Memorable Blunders of Super Bowl VII

Maritza and Garo Yepremian
Image via Chadds Ford Live.
Maritza and Garo Yepremian.

Avondale’s Garo Yepremian might have been the leading scorer for Miami Dolphins during their undefeated 1972 season, but he is best remembered for the epic blunder he made during Super Bowl VII that could have cost his team the win, writes Jon Wertheim for the Sports Illustrated

The Dolphins were leading 14-0 with just a little over two minutes left as Yepremian was attempting a 42-yard field goal. His kick was blocked but he grabbed the ball and started running. When he tried to throw the ball, it slipped from his grip. He attempted to bat it out of bounds, but it ended in the hands of the opposing team’s cornerback who then scored a touchdown. 

His teammates were so mad at him that one told him “We lose this game, I’ll kill you,” Yepremian later recalled. “I honestly felt as if my life was over.” 

The Dolphins won, but Yepremian’s day was ruined. He left the team’s celebratory party and spent the evening in his hotel room. 

After his playing career ended, he moved to Avondale and is now buried at Oaklands Cemetery in West Chester. 

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