Ready for Your First Halloween Office Party in a While? Avoid These Bad Taste Costume Ideas

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One of the better parts about being back at the office is that the events and parties can actually be a lot of fun. And with the health restrictions the country was under for the last couple years, 2022 will be the first time a lot of people have gotten to do a Halloween office party in years.

Since Monday is Halloween, maybe you want to go big with a costume everyone will remember, but you don’t want to get talked about for the wrong reasons. Medium recently shared some post-Covid Halloween costumes that are better left avoided.

Quarantine You

You might think it’s clever to laugh at how we all dressed during quarantine, but that could also feel snarky and like you’re bringing the mood of the party down. Worse yet, some might not even realize it’s supposed to be a costume.

Toilet Paper Costumes

Everyone remembers how early on in Covid there was a major toilet paper shortage. Maybe you want to get a laugh by being something like a toilet paper mummy and acting like you’re the reason there was no toilet paper. But toilet paper has some gross connotations and your costume will likely fall apart very easily.

Controversial Celebrities

Lots of celebrities gained attention during the pandemic for bad reasons, including many who flaunted health restrictions. There are plenty of classic looks from famous people to go with that won’t remind people of bad behavior from infamous individuals.


The world has grown quite weary of the way ultra wealthy people behaved during the height of Covid. Whether it’s Trump, Musk, or Bezos, not many people want a reminder of how detached billionaires have acted from the plight of all the people who struggled during Covid.

“Sexy” Variants on Any Costume

Revealing or flirtatious costumes have always been unnecessarily risky for office parties, but maybe you were thinking of a funny twist like a sexy nurse doing fake Covid vaccines. But some might actually find that in even more poor taste due to its potential for being disrespectful to workers who were the most at risk during Covid’s worse period.

The underlying theme is, if your costume could upset people, the joke is not worth the risk. Worse than just offending people, you don’t want to face disciplinary action from your work just for a Halloween outfit.

If you are still worried about if your costume crosses the line, read Medium’s post for more information here.

CBS 8 tells us how much Americans are willing to spend on Halloween costumes.

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