‘We Grow Mushrooms Every Day of the Year’: Local Producers Take Full Advantage of Morel Momentum

mushrooms in boxes at grocery store
Image via the Produce Business.

Mushrooms have continued to grow in popularity and local producers are making sure to take full advantage of the momentum, writes Sarah Louise Klose for the Produce Business

Pennsylvania is currently the nation’s main producer of mushrooms, with Chester County being responsible for the majority of the more than 435 million pounds of mushrooms produced per year. 

“We grow mushrooms every day of the year in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and pack them every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas,” said Sean Steller, director of business development at Phillips Mushroom Farms in Kennett Square. 

The company produces many types of mushrooms, including white, shiitake, lion’s mane, oyster, Royal Trumpet, portobello, and Baby Bella. 

Mushrooms do not have a long shelf life, which is why it is important to ship them quickly. 

“Our goal is to pack and ship out product within 24 hours from when we harvest it,” said Kevin Delaney, VP of sales and marketing for To-Jo Mushrooms in Avondale. “This enables us to maximize the shelf life for our customers.” 

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