10 Ways To Restore Your Confidence Following a Career Setback

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It is unfortunate that you can do your best and do everything right and still fail. Facing that truth can be daunting; for some, it shakes their resolve to try again.

But resigning yourself to defeat will only become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The only way to do better is to try. And as Lifehack explains, motivation first requires you to start believing in your success again.

Stop Dwelling on it

You will never move forward if all your attention is on those past failures. Everyone has setbacks. Stop ruminating on them and focus on something productive.

Remind Yourself What You Can Do

Do you have trophies, certificates, or awards sitting around from past accomplishments? Remind yourself about some of your life highlights to inspire yourself.

Find Your Strength

Do things that put you in the driver’s seat so you have to tap into your potential again. Maybe go to the gym or tackle that project in the house you’ve been putting off.

Be Kind to Yourself

When your mental voice speaks, talk to yourself the way you would to someone else facing your problems. You’d never tell someone else with your setbacks they’re worthless, right?

Push Through Fear

Everyone is afraid to try new things. But when you face that fear, you’ll either learn from another dead end or realize the path forward was easier than you thought.

Forgive Yourself

How long ago was your last failure? Months? Years? People can change quickly. It’s not right to hold anyone’s mistakes over their heads for a prolonged period, so don’t do it to yourself.

Be an Optimist

Two people can go through the same experience and feel totally different about it based on their attitudes. Don’t poison new experiences by expecting the worst.

Talk to a Mentor

Maybe an outside perspective is what you need. How about a life coach or a therapist to help you see things more clearly?

Focus on What’s Next

You can’t change what happened before, so why fixate on it? You can make the future whatever you want, so focus there.

Stop Resisting Where Life Takes You

Do you keep noticing recurring patterns leading you back to the same direction? Maybe that’s an indication that is where your personality gravitates towards.

You will no doubt experience further failures. But your mindset is what will determine whether they break you or become moments you easily get back up from.

For more motivation to face life’s challenges again, consider further wisdom from Lifehack’s post here.


Career coach and author Brendan Reid shares his tips for recovering quickly from a career setback.


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