‘I Am Not Going to Give Up’: Father Vows to Bring Home Daughter Who Went Missing in Spring City in 1988


In the 34 years since five-year-old Lauren Jackson disappeared from her Spring City home, investigators and her father, Michael Jackson, have never given up searching for her, writes Jessica Babb for CBS 21. 

Lauren went missing on Oct. 4, 1988, while playing outside in the dirt with a friend at Park Spring apartments. When her mother could not find her later, the police were called. 

“Everyone was frantic, the neighbors were outside, no one could locate her, so it was right in your face, she’s not here,” said James Cote, a sergeant with the East Vincent Police Department at the time. 

Bloodhounds were used along Route 724, search crews scoured every inch, and police even contacted a psychic — but there was no trace of Lauren. Additionally, there were discrepancies with timing in witness stories, so the little leads they had didn’t pan out. 

“She was just a nice kid; she was the nicest kid you’ll ever meet. I said it to my mother one time. What did I do to deserve her? She was just a sweet kid,” said Jackson. “I can’t believe these years went by, and there is no answer. I am not going to give up.” 

Read more about Lauren Jackson’s disappearance at CBS 21. 

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