N.Y. Times: Coatesville High School One of Many Facing Shortage of Protective Football Gear

coatesville area senior high school football players
Image via Coatesville Football.

As supply chain problems continue to slow manufacturing, coaches around the nation, including at Coatesville Area Senior High School, are scrambling to get protective gear for their teams, writes Jeré Longman for the New York Times

As the third game approached on Friday for Coatesville, Coach Matt Ortega said that the team was still waiting for four new helmets ordered in March. 

Since then, Riddell, which has around 70 percent of the market share for high school helmets, has stopped accepting new orders for the 2022 season. Ortega received a text from his Riddell representative on August 2 stating that the company’s suppliers cannot keep up with the demand. 

“As we get parts in each week, we are filling as many orders as possible,” read the text. “Back in early June, our backlog was 202,000 helmets.” 

Ortega tried to find four or five medium-size helmets online in August, but the asking price was $480, significantly above the $275 the school usually pays. 

“I wasn’t paying that price,” said Ortega. 

Meanwhile, Riddell has decided not to raise its prices. 

Read more about the helmet shortage in the New York Times

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