WilmU’s Organizational Leadership Program Empowers Forward-Thinking Leaders

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When Macy’s executive Paul Seiverd wanted to improve his productivity, he turned to Wilmington University. As a senior manager who leads over 800 employees, he chose the University for its flexible schedules and ability to transfer credits from his previous institution seamlessly. But he also was attracted to the university’s new Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership program.  

“I felt it would help me do my job better,” he said, adding that he was able to apply all the coursework at his workplace, and two classes were especially beneficial: “Critical Thinking” and “Culture in the Workplace.” Both inspire leaders to build productive and compassionate relationships with employees. “When you go to a workplace where people care about you,” Seiverd said, “it makes it a much better place for everyone.”  

A collaboration between faculty at WilmU’s colleges of Business and Social and Behavioral Sciences, the program prepares students to lead in diverse environments and build proficiencies in decision-making, interpersonal relations, change management and team facilitation. In addition, the offering is the only online undergraduate Organizational Leadership program in the nation that incorporates trauma-informed-approaches coursework. 

“Students also explore how trauma-informed approaches can be beneficial in leadership as trauma impacts everyone in an organization, including the leaders themselves,” said Dr. Debra Berke, director of WilmU’s Psychology and Organizational Dynamics programs. 

“We thought about a managerial approach, where leaders ask how they can best serve their employees, what motivates employees, and what will make them more engaged,” said Organizational Leadership Chair Dr. Mary Pat Braudis. She adds that the program prepares students for project and staff management rigors with comprehensive business coursework but also integrates social sciences coursework in leadership psychology and workplace culture. 

While Seiverd holds a high-level position, employees of every rank can benefit from the Organizational Leadership program, designed to empower any student interested in becoming a more well-rounded and forward-thinking leader.  

Learn more about WilmU’s Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership program. 

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