The Landenberg Store — Local Historic and Cultural Landmark for 150 Years — Up for Sale

the landenberg store owners
Image via Richard Gaw, Chester County Press.
Bill and Beth Skalish, owners of Landenberg Village, since 2005.

The Landenberg Store has been a mainstay in the small town for the past 150 years, serving the residents through two world wars, a Great Depression, and several economic downturns, writes Richard Gaw for the Chester County Press

The store has changed owners many times, including in 2005, when Bill and Beth Skalish bought Landenberg Village which encompasses the store, the Landenberg Hotel, and a nearby historic building. 

Seventeen years later, the couple have decided to put Landenberg Village up for sale for $1.45 million. The sale includes the ownership and management of the store, the hotel, and the four-apartment Wool House. 

“We just felt it was just time to turn it over to someone else who can see the Village through for the next several years,” said Bill. 

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President Reagan arrives with Secretary Block and talks with farmers followed by press questions at the Wilkinson Farm in Landenberg, Pennsylvania in 1982.