Not a Stranger to Social Advocacy, Qlik Onboards Interns Who Match Company Passions

Emily Koch
Image via Qlik.
Emily Koch.

Qlik, a data and analytics company based in King of Prussia, is no stranger to social advocacy and bringing on sharp, eco-conscious interns who match the company’s ideologies. 

As Emily Koch, a senior Political Science major at Temple University, can attest, Qlik is constantly working to create strategic sustainability initiatives that not only place the company ahead, but also impact employees, clients, and the lives of everyday people. 

“I’m very passionate about social advocacy,” said Koch. “This internship opportunity has given me the chance to make a difference and help people at a local, national, and international level.” 

As a sustainability intern, Koch is tasked with connecting with Everytown, the nation’s largest gun violence prevention organization, to offer Qlik’s data services. She and the corporate social responsibility department are working to spread the message of gun safety and gun violence legislation through Qlik’s global reach.  

These sustainability missions seep into the everyday culture at Qlik, regardless of an employee’s role or their department. Participating in environmental and humanitarian revitalization through data is something that affects all areas of the company.  

“At Qlik, we believe in the power of data and what data can do. By donating our services, we can use data to the best of our ability in order to make an impact,” she said. 

Within her first day of working, Qlik began teaching Koch how to become data literate and stressed the importance of data literacy in a professional environment. She learned how data can be used to address social campaigns, climate change, and understand cities through their environmental impact. 

Her experience at Qlik has allowed her to develop new skills, while also furthering her education expertise of creating proposals and connecting with others—but now she has the chance to do so in a corporate setting. 

“Something about Qlik that’s awesome is its atmosphere of being receptive to ideas,” said Koch. “You can speak to anyone no matter their position, and everyone listens. It’s a welcoming environment where ideas and opinions are respected.” 

As the world is always changing and leaning heavily on technology and data, she believes this internship will be valuable in her future education and career endeavors.  

“I’m coming out of this with a deeper understanding about the world and what Qlik can do to help,” said Koch. 

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