Malvern Woman Takes On 103.1-Mile Marathon

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After grueling preparations, Erica Gaffney, a Malvern resident, took on the Eastern States 100 race and successfully finished it in a little over 33 hours in 73rd place overall and 9th place in her gender category, writes Rob Senior for the Pottstown Mercury

Gaffney ran her first marathon when she turned 40. As soon as she reached the finish line, she realized she could go longer. She found a local 40-mile race and joined, but this time it was not as easy. 

“I was under-trained,” recalled Gaffney. “My shoes didn’t fit properly; I had no idea how to eat and hydrate on the run – it was pretty much a disaster.” 

However, she did manage to finish and from that moment on, she was hooked. She started training for ultra-marathons, but she made sure that these preparations do not interfere with the time she spends with her family as well as her job as a Vice President of Human Resources. 

Training for the 103-mile single-loop trail race showed Gaffney that it takes a village to get her over the finish line. 

“This isn’t an individual sport,” she said. “Without a strong network of support, and especially the support of my husband, none of this would be possible.” 

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Competitor racing in 2021 Eastern States 100.
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