A Class Above the Rest – The Arc of Chester Preschool

Seven children wearing graduation caps, the graduating class of the Arc of Chester County preschool
Image via the Arc of Chester County.

Last week, seven students graduated from The Arc of Chester County’s licensed preschool program.

The Arc has been revolutionizing early learning for over 70 years and is the only inclusive preschool program where children with and without disabilities learn side-by-side, excelling both academically and socially in Chester County.

In The Arc’s inclusive classroom setting, everyone benefits by making the largest gains in skills. Research has shown that inclusive classrooms develop future leaders, and meaningful relationships setting students on the path to the utmost success.

The Arc’s seven graduates are on their way to new adventures and a successful educational journey.

One of these amazing students is Elliot who has been at The Arc of Chester County’s Preschool for two years. His mother describes his overwhelming positive, life-changing, and impactful experience.

“When Elliot arrived at The Arc, he struggled to interact with peers at school and in social settings and because of this had very few opportunities to play with kids his age.”

His teachers listened closely to understand who he really was and, together, planned for how to teach him to be successful. Everyone who has worked with him: teachers, therapists, and staff have always opened their arms and hearts to him, providing such amazing support.

“I’ll never forget the first day he was able to play independently with a new friend at the park. It was such a simple moment in some ways, but it was a huge step for him and would not have been possible without the skill and caring of his teachers.”

It’s this mixture of love for the students and the skills to work with all students that make The Arc such a special place, said Elliot’s mother.

“Now that he is moving on to kindergarten, we will truly miss this nurturing and supportive environment. Although it is still a bit scary, we are confident that he’s been given the skills to succeed, and he is ready. We can’t thank everyone enough for helping Elliot to become the funny, smart, and loving little Kindergartener that he is now.”

“It is still hard to express our gratitude for everything The Arc of Chester County Preschool has done for Elliot, we are so happy for him to have been there these last two years!”

The Arc of Chester County prides itself on being the only preschool in Chester County to offer an inclusive, year-round, quality education for children ages 2 years and seven months to entrance into kindergarten.

In addition, this standout preschool has small class sizes, fully certified teachers, licensed therapists, a registered nurse when needed, and a nurturing atmosphere that helps to develop the whole child.

Learning knows no bounds at The Arc of Chester County. Each child grows socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically in an environment that fosters a culture of respect, inclusion, and belonging.

The Arc of Chester County’s Preschool is currently enrolling and has a few available openings for children this Fall. If you are interested in scheduling a personalized tour, contact Sarah at 610-696-8090 Ext. 217 or email her skuser@arcofchestercounty.org.

Find out more about The Arc of Chester County.

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