‘I Want to Be Different, Better’: Former QVC Beautician Seizes Pandemic Opportunity to Build Own Brand

Marcia Williams
Image via Marcia Williams, LinkedIn.
Marcia Williams.

Marcia Williams, a former hair and makeup artist at West Chester-based QVC, used the opportunity when work all but dried up during the early days of the pandemic to build her beauty brand, writes Lisa Dukart for the Philadelphia Business Journal

Williams launched Embellish Beauty in 2011, but soon she landed a job with QVC. As such, her brand was not receiving the time or attention it needed to flourish. However, that changed when the pandemic started in 2020. 

In the two years since, Williams’ Conshohocken-based business grew dramatically. She increased the number of products from 10 to 50, brought in an investor, and is also planning on expanding into retail. 

When she just started her brand, Williams was also doing hair and makeup for clients. She realized how many women had gluten allergies that made a lot of makeup dangerous to them, she began researching alternatives. She soon created her gluten-free line, followed by her clean beauty line that eschews certain chemicals. 

“I want to be different,” said Williams. “I want to be better. I want to be innovative as much as possible.” 

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