Coatesville Free Agent Linebacker Used to Call His Mentor Uncle Todd, Now Adapts to Calling Him Coach Bowles

Jordan Young
Image via Old Dominion University.
Jordan Young.

Since signing as an undrafted free agent linebacker with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Coatesville’s Jordan Young has been trying to not call his mentor Uncle Todd but Coach Bowles, writes John Romano for the Tampa Bay Times

Bowles played with Young’s father, Antony, at Temple University. The two men remained close for decades afterward and was known as Uncle Todd to Young. 

In 1985, Young’s father was drafted in the third round of the NFL and Bowles followed the undrafted route the following year. Sadly, the elder Young’s career ended tragically due to an injury, while Bowles ended up playing in the NFL for eight seasons. 

“I’ve told this to Todd,” said his father. “I’ve said, ‘Jordan is you when you were (24).” 

Since then, Young, who is facing long odds when it comes to making it into the team roster, has been getting great advice from Coach Bowles. Now that the pair are working together on the field for the first time, he is putting those words to good use. 

His goal is to impress on special teams and hopefully make it into the practice squad. 

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