Berwyn-Based Sports-Tech Company Is the Largest Sports Network That ‘You’ve Never Heard Of’

Michael Schreiber of Playfly Sports
Image via Tom Gralish, Philadelphia Inquirer.
Michael Schreiber of Playfly Sports in Berwyn.

Former Comcast executive Michael Schreiber launched Playfly Sports in Berwyn two years ago, and now its sports-focused advertising reaches around 83 percent of sports fans in the nation, writes Bob Fernandez for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Headquartered in the Berwyn Theatre, the start-up firm acquired several companies interested Schreiber’s idea for more than $100 million, allowing it access to a technology and advertising capabilities for professional baseball, hockey, and basketball games.

Playfly pumps out 230 billion advertising impressions per year through 8,500 professional and college televised games, digital banners, streaming platforms, radio shows, and more.

Schreiber calls Playfly the biggest sports network that “you’ve never heard of, and that’s okay.”

Currently, the firm employs 50 employees at the Berwyn location and continues to grow its success.

Read more about Playfly Sports in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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