Technology Company Gives Users the Privacy They Have Been Searching For, All From Its Paoli Headquarters

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Since 2008, technology company DuckDuckGo has been providing its customers with privacy on the Internet that they never thought was possible—and it all happens from its headquarters in Paoli, writes Gilad Edelman for Wired

DuckDuckGo’s one problem is not making people care about privacy, it is convincing them that privacy is possible even in this day and age. Many users often give up and give in to utilizing Google and Facebook through regular browsers, but the search engine is determined to convince the public that you do not have to resign your data. 

“Our goal is simplicity, right?” said Gabriel Weinberg, the company’s founder and CEO. “We want to make privacy simple and seamless without sacrifice for users.” 

Not only does DuckDuckGo stay true to its slogan, “Privacy, simplified,” it also maintains the idea that privacy is for everyone. As a homegrown company in the backyard of Chester County, it advertises to users of every age, gender, race, and economical background. 

The quote, “Google tracks you. We don’t,” was the first billboard that Weinberg invested in back in 2011, a promise that has served the company well since then. 

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