Pa. Uses a Fine Approach — Meaning Both Workable and Costly — to Tamp Down Lanternfly Infestation

SLF on a hood
Image via iStock.
Vehicles without permits to transport certain items in and out of SPF-restricted geographies in Pa. now face a fine.

State officials have enacted fines for businesses and organizations that do not adhere to quarantine rules in 34 counties to help mitigate the spread of the spotted lanternfly (SLF), writes Brian X. McCrone for NBC10.

The measures are designed to keep the invasive insect from spreading from Pa. to New England, Washington D.C., and as far as Illinois.

Fines are now being attached to the restriction of unpermitted movement of “regulated articles” — including landscaping waste, logs, firewood, and nursery stock — out of quarantined geographies like Pa.

The cost for each violation is $300.

“The spotted lanternfly is the worst bug in the commonwealth and capable of causing real damage to Pennsylvania’s $132.5 billion agriculture industry,” said Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Richard Redding.

So far, over 26,000 businesses and organizations that handle materials known to harbor SLF populations have signed up for free permits from the state. The paperwork authorizes them to work and travel to/from the 34 quarantined counties.

Read more about ongoing efforts at SLF containment at NBC10.

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