Best Strategies for Negotiating a Higher Starting Salary

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In an ideal world, all you would need to do to get rewarded is do a good job. For a lucky few, that’s a reality, but for many more they will be lowballed on offers if they never ask for more.

It could just be that your boss does not realize just how much you are actually worth.

As the site Put Simply explains, that is why you need to be prepared to make your case when you sit down to negotiate getting a higher starting salary.

The first thing to remember is not to feel unappreciative by asking for more. Many are so enthused at receiving a job offer and feel worried about being retracted that they settle for less than they were hoping for.

But this is business, and showing you are willing to get the best for yourself demonstrates you would also not be afraid to get the best for the company.

As to how the negotiation will start, it will customarily begin once you receive the job offer and the hiring manager will be in touch with your employment terms to see if they are agreeable to you.

If the salary looks is more modest than you’d hoped, you can feel free to respond that you would like to discuss the salary a bit further. This is where you can offer a counter that you feel is fair.

To strengthen your request, you can include additional information to substantiate why a higher salary is appropriate.

For instance, look at what other companies in that area are offering for similar roles. You can also justifiably point out how this is currently an unusually high time for inflation, and you’d been hoping for something more competitive in light of that.

Ideally, the manager will either accept your request or at least come back with a higher compromise number. Regardless of which, it’s usually safe to assume whatever they put on the table at this point is their final offer.

Don’t push your luck too much, and make your decision now to take it or not.

Even with the best-laid plans, you still might not get the higher salary you wanted.

But if you truly believe you are worth more money, you also should feel confident that this one company is not the only offer you will have and that you will be okay if you have to walk away.

If you want to learn more about how you can bolster your odds of getting the salary you want, read more advice from Put Simply here.


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