Malvern Technology Company Creates Charging Pad That Allows You to Charge Your Car Without Getting Out of It


Malvern-based Momentum Dynamics has developed an electric charging pad that allows drivers to charge their cars without having to get out of their vehicle, write Nydia Han and Heather Grubola for 6ABC. 

All drivers need to do is drive onto the wireless pad. 

“Here’s the ground pad, the vehicle pad,” said Momentum Dynamics COO Bob Kacergis. “You drive over it. The technology will say, ‘Hey, I recognize you.'” 

The driver can authorize the charge and pay for it while remaining in the car by using their phone. 

“In our world, you pull into the space, and in two to three seconds you’re charging,” said Kacergis. 

So far, the company has integrated its technology with Volvo and Jaguar but has plans to expand to other models in the future. 

“This right now is optimized for heavy-duty fleets, commercial vehicles, buses,” he said. “We are working on a thinner, lighter, cheaper version of this for the automobiles.” 

Momentum Dynamics is planning to partner with retailers, including grocery stores and gas stations, to eventually remove the need for home chargers. Price points are in the range of similar plug-in chargers. 

Read more about Momentum Dynamics at 6ABC.

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