Berwyn Teen Receives Life-Changing Upgrade to Make His Life Easier After Surviving Electrocution Accident


After surviving a horrific electrocution accident in May 2021, Berwyn teen Austin Beltrante has received a life-changing upgrade to his home just in time to beat the heat of summer, reports staff for FOX 29. 

King of Prussia-based Sila Heating and Air Conditioning provided the 14-year-old with a $60,000 air conditioning system. Due to his accident that left him with burns on over 80 percent of his body, Beltrante is prone to overheating because he can no longer regulate his body temperature or produce sweat. 

“I’m happy with it, ya know? I’m always hot,” he said. “I have the fan on with the air condition, so it’s freezing in my room. My dog Chase doesn’t enjoy it, but I do.” 

With this addition, Sila joins the boy’s group of supporters, “Austin’s Army,” who have been inspired by his comeback. Jason Rabino, CEO of Sila, said that the best part about his job is helping families like the Beltrante’s. 

“The idea of really helping Austin and his family out, you know, we need to control the temperature in the house and make it comfortable for him,” said Rabino. “Let him get out of the one room he spends most of his time in. It was a perfect way to do our customer service in a way that really impacts a particular family.” 

Read more about Austin Beltrante at FOX 29.

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