10 Top Tech Companies Hiring in Philadelphia

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The tech field is constantly shifting as new advancements develop. As seen with the Robinhood app last year, some companies skyrocket into importance only to fade out of relevance in a sharp plummet.

Finding the leaders in tech means not only looking at their peaks but their long-term sustainability.

Per the site Built In, here are the top tech companies to work for right now in Philadelphia.

Odessa Technologies (700+ employees)

Though its number of employees may look small compared to some of the later companies, Odessa remains the world’s largest leasing-focused technology company.

CDI (900+ employees)

Even with its relatively smaller staff, CDI is still a multinational company. Their focus is on engineering and information technology, which they use to assist everything from energy services, to defense, to transportation.

GoPuff (1,000+ employees)

Though GoPuff operates throughout the country, its headquarters is in Philadelphia. They are a food delivery service that handles the fulfillment of orders.

HighPoint Solutions (1,150+ employees)

HighPoint is a company that directs its efforts towards assisting with healthcare, which was already an evergreen field for tech advancement even pre-Covid.

Spectra (1,700+ employees)

The companies at this level climb in their number of employees in bigger and bigger leaps. This is the level where organizations start to become global entities.

Clarivate (4,000+ employees)

In the digital age, an analytics company such as Clarivate is increasingly vital for businesses to gauge the success of their initiatives.

Day & Zimmerman (41,000+ employees)

This company is headquartered in Philadelphia but operates in about 150 countries around the globe. Their focus is on construction and engineering.

Lockheed Martin (108,000+ employees)

Dealing in such matters as information security and defense of the country, Lockheed Martin is assured of continued growth due to its role in public safety.

Comcast (190,000+ employees)

Not only is Comcast a major operator in Philadelphia, but their growth is pretty reliable as a provider of many needed services such as internet, phone, and television.

IBM (533,000+ employees)

With more employees than all the other companies on this list combined, IBM dominates not just in Philadelphia, but internationally. IBM operates in over 170 countries worldwide.

While company growth alone can’t say if a job is right for you, it is a good lead for figuring out some of the top places to check out.

You can learn more tech news happening in the area by checking out Built In’s post here.


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