It’s Instant Accept Week June 20-24 at Valley Forge Military College

The campus of Valley Forge Military Academy and College.
Image via Valley Forge Military Academy and College.
The campus of Valley Forge Military Academy and College.

Qualified students can ease the sometimes confusing college admission process during Instant Accept Week at Valley Forge Military College.

During Accept Week June 20 to 24, VFMC will provide instant acceptance to qualified students prepared with their official transcripts.

Pew Research has found that college graduates earn 50% more than those with a high school diploma. Yet, only about 35% of Americans get a college education. Why? Because applying to college can be confusing and the admissions process scares away qualified applicants.

Valley Forge Military College is committed to building the emotional and physical character of its students. Now they are reaching out to high school graduates who don’t think they can make it, aren’t sure how to make it, or didn’t get into their first-choice school.

Stop by for Instant Accept Week for an opportunity to be instantly accepted to a beautiful 100-acre campus. Bring your official high school transcript to Medenbach Hall, 835 Radnor Street Rd, in Wayne. Contact Tracey Hartley at or call 610.989.1450. 

The College will help students navigate the path to college. The Instant Accept Process is designed to walk applicants through admissions, financial aid, registration, and transfer advising.  

Valley Forge Military College Mission

The mission of Valley Forge Military College is to educate students within an academic and military environment to transfer to academically competitive four-year colleges, universities, or service academies. The College builds leaders of character – for the future, for the community, for the country, for the world.

Valley Forge Military College is a private two-year college committed to equipping young men and women to boldly face the challenges of life. It is the Military College of Pennsylvania.™

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