The 10 Fastest-growing Careers in the United States

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Many events of the last few years have shaken up the job market. Jobs like restaurants and retailers have really struggled in the fallout of modern events, while other jobs have skyrocketed in importance.

If you are looking for the best hiring prospects, here are the careers experiencing the biggest boom according to CNBC.

Vaccine Specialist

Likely to little surprise is the huge demand for people to help work on vaccines. Whether it is Pfizer, Moderna, or any of the other approved vaccines, the events of the last two years have created an enormous need in this area.

Diversity Manager

Moments like the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd have made the last several years a major turning point for respecting diversity.

Analyst Relations Specialist

These workers focus on the market research side of the company, using facts and data to help inform big decisions.

Business Systems Administrator

The last few years saw offices become more dependent than ever on the latest technology, and these employees are the ones who get it up and running.

Search Marketing Manager

Much of marketing has shifted to the digital world, so these workers are responsible for bringing marketing campaigns to the online experience.

Business Development Representative

With many companies having to recalibrate how they reached customers, there became more demand for these salespeople who help identify clients.

Process Development Scientist

As online ordering came to dominate while people had to work from home, many manufacturers couldn’t keep up. This job helps optimize that process.

Machine Learning Engineer

These workers focus on developing artificial intelligence to be used in various products, which has seen an increased push in our digital-centric society.

Customer Marketing Manager

This aspect of a marketing group is focused on trying to make sure customers engage with the product, which is incentivized through things like reward programs, or special events.

User Experience Researcher

As part of the marketing team, user experience researchers examine the behavior of potential customers to help figure out what buyers are looking for.

As you can see, many world events helped shape what jobs are now in abundance. Being able to adapt to where the best career future often means having a finger on the pulse of the world.

If you want to learn more about any of these roles, do be sure to read the article CNBC published here.


YouTube content creator Gyasi Linje 5 shares his perspective on 2022’s most in-demand jobs.


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