The 4 Career Skills that Will Make Irresistible in Today’s Job Market

Graphic Designer working on a project
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Have you been feeling like you should be doing more to help your resume stand out from the crowd?

Regardless of what degrees you have already earned, your education is never truly done. New career skills come along and if you are not making an effort to learn them, you will get left in the dust.

The Philadelphia Inquirer shared some of the career skills modern workers should be prioritizing. Here are the ones you should be keeping on your radar.

Social Media

You would have a challenge finding a company nowadays that is not on social media in some capacity. And it’s easy to see why, since social media can easily reach more people than traditional advertising ever can, plus it can often be free.

Even if you hate social media in your personal life, you need to know it as a professional, especially if you work in marketing or sales.

Data Visualization

You won’t often have people’s attention long enough to break down the significance of complex research and findings at length.

That is why it is important to be able to distill data into a visual medium that is easy to understand. That could be tables, graphs, charts, or whatever else helps provide a visual summary of your findings.


With so much of the world operating digitally, you need to have a way to determine who is responding to things like posts. It used to be physical media like newspapers could rely on details like subscription counts.

In the digital age, you need to utilize a tool like Google Analytics that can inform you how many people are clicking on what you post, whether they are sharing the information and other much more nuanced data.

Graphic Design

You don’t have to be a professional artist to create images that will be seen by thousands of people. Any company with an online presence will likely have logos and branding that need to be designed.

And with tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, it is easier than ever for people to learn graphic design skills on their own.

While some core job skills, like communication, remain as essential as ever, the demands of many jobs are changing. It is up to you to continually adapt, lest you fade into obsolescence.

For more on the career skills you need to develop to stay current in the modern job market, read the Philadelphia Inquirer article here.


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