Hiring Chesco: Career Lessons Different Generations of Fathers Can Provide

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Fathers can be a source of interesting conversation and invaluable lessons that can help with our professional lives and career development, writes Asia Johnson for Job Journey, a blog of Express Employment Professionals.

Different generations of fathers have different experiences and are likely to provide advice unique to their era.

Baby-boomer fathers are characterized by a strong work ethic and competitive nature. They are goal-focused, resourceful, team-oriented, and disciplined. They may recommend working as part of the team and encourage you to embrace new work routines.

Gen-X fathers are independent and problem-solvers. They are adaptable, like to think globally, and prefer to have a good work-life balance. They are often top performers and look for promotion opportunities, qualities they will instill in you as well. They might also encourage you to start your own business.

Millennial fathers are social, tolerant, efficient, and flexible. They like to maintain a balance and work for a cause. They are likely to encourage you to work for a company you care about and believe in over a place that offers a big salary.

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