Wiser Wealth: 7 Investments That Are Recession-Proof

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It is well-documented how recessions in the past proved very costly for many investors. Some saw their investments in stocks and real estate plummet, leaving them uncertain about their retirement plans.

For those looking to learn from those mistakes, the site Nasdaq has shared some of the best investment options that are more resistant to the threat of a looming recession.


This generally refers to materials that are single-use, such as certain crops that are highly valued. Multiple funds exist that allow you to invest in commodities, whether they are produced through agriculture or mining or else wise.

Utility Stocks

Utilities are resistant to recessions for the simple reason that no matter how lean times get, every home needs electricity, running water, and heat. That dependable nature makes them a solid investment.

Precious Metals

Materials like rare metals are usually safe investments due in part both to their scarcity combined with the fact that they are tangible, so you will not see them disappear due to digital upheaval.

Rental Properties

This might seem counterintuitive due to the mercurial nature of the real estate market. However, even if people are not looking to buy a home, there are still plenty of people looking to at least rent.

Certificates of Deposit

If you are looking for peace of mind, certificates of deposit are covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. for as much as $250,000 in insurance. Not many investments come with that kind of guarantee.

US Treasuries

As long as you can be patient and allow your Treasuries to fully mature, this is a great option for having a very low risk of seeing your investment go into default.

Market-Neutral Funds

As the name suggests, these funds see little impact based on the short-term rise and fall of the stock market. Rather, they are impacted by overarching trends, making it easier for experts to make predictions without risk of a sudden change of the tide.

Investing does not have to feel like a gamble on your future. Making sound investment moves now can give you the best assurance of your assets being there for you when you need them.

Fred Hubler, Chief Wealth Strategist for Creative Capital Wealth Management Group which offers retainer-based advice and access to accredited investments told VISTA.Today, “Things that did ok the last two years probably are the same things that will do ok during a recession.”

“We like recession-resistant retail exposure via direct ownership of the real estate,” continued Hubler. “This would include grocery stores, pharmacies, dialysis centers, and blood plasma centers as examples. Think about what people absolutely are going to need and what companies provide that.”

If you want to see the complete list of investment options for protecting yourself against a recession, read the Nasdaq article here.


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