AAA: When Projecting Summer Vacation Costs, You’re Going to Need a Bump to the Gas Budget

man by gas pump
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Not only are guys like this now extinct, but the prices at which they pumped gas are long gone, too.

The Phila. region is heading toward a 2022 Memorial Day Weekend that is absent overt COVID worries in a long time. That reality brings upbeat thoughts of impromptu zips to the Shore or the Poconos, family reunions, graduation parties, and other reasons to travel. But yet another spoiler — gas prices — is set to impede yet another summer, reports Howard Monroe for CBS Philly.

The area’s June-July-Aug. stretch could well be a long season of fretful fill-ups, according to AAA.

At present in the Phila. suburbs, $4.85 a gallon is common, just below the area average of $4.89. Neighboring New Jersey is a little better ($4.73), and Delaware shaves yet a few more pennies off the cost ($4.62).

These price points make the previous all-time national high ($4.11 in 2008) seem almost quaint.

AAA sees no real relief in sight, which will hit the wallets of the estimated 465,000 Memorial Day Weekend travelers and affect their intended 50-mile-away average escapes.

Prices are being driven up by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the more expensive summer gasoline blend, and demand.

“I wish I had a crystal ball and could say, ‘There’s something out there that could happen and trigger that decline,’” said Jana Tidwell, a AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson. “For the short term, we’re not seeing relief in sight. We’re seeing the very good possibility of $5 per gallon gas in our region.”

Read more about gas prices, current and projected, at CBS Philly.

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