FOX 29: Parents in Chester County Split on Vaccinating Children Under Six Years Old


With Moderna having asked the FDA to authorize its vaccine for use in children under six, parents in Chester County seem split between wanting to get their kids vaccinated and postponing it until they’re older, writes Dawn Timmeney for FOX 29. 

Dr. Jennifer Coren, a pediatrician, said that as COVID rates continue to climb, the key to its decline is ensuring children get the vaccine. Moderna wants the two-dose vaccination to be available for children ages six months to five years old. 

“Parents are getting nervous. They’re itchy. They want their little ones vaccinated,” said Dr. Coren. “I would love to see more families of the already approved patients get immunized. We know rates for children are way too low in this country.” 

However, parents like Devon resident Greg Michaels and his wife are still hesitant. They are both vaccinated, as is their six-year-old daughter, but they may wait to vaccinate their two-year-old daughter. 

“It’s not something we’re gonna be running out to, initially,” said Michaels. “I think we are gonna give it some time. We know of little ones that got COVID, and they emerged from it just fine.” 

The CDC reports that three out of four children have been infected with COVID.

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