‘Bryce Harper Wants Your Hat’: Malvern Prep Grad Swaps Caps with the MVP During Recent Phillies Game

Phillies player Bryce Harper
Image via Jose Moreno, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Last Thursday’s Phillies game turned out to be a memorable one for Keith Maguire, despite the home team’s loss, after Bryce Harper asked the Malvern Prep grad to swap hats, writes Matt Breen for the Philadelphia Inquirer

Maguire was sitting in the Diamond Club at Citizens Bank Park with his friends when Harper popped his head out of the dugout. They called out to him, and Harper, who had a sore elbow and was out of the lineup for four days, waved back at the group before continuing to chat with Aaron Nola. 

Then, friends noticed Harper take off his maroon Phillies hat and sign it. Harper then made eye contact with one of the friends, Malvern Prep grad Gavin McHugh, and asked him to get Maguire’s attention. 

“He said, ‘Yo, bro, I want your buddy’s hat. Can we swap?’” said McHugh. “My buddy was sitting four seats down. I said, ‘Keith, Bryce wants your hat.’ He’s like, ‘What?’ ‘Yeah, Bryce Harper wants your hat. He just took off his.’” 

The two men then swapped hats with McHugh as the middle man and the video of the moment soon went viral. 

“All of a sudden it was just everywhere,” said McHugh. 

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