2022’s Highest Paying Careers in the United States

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The tumultuous events of the last few years have made many reevaluate their job prospects. Where are the high salaries to combat rising inflation? What jobs have the best longevity to avoid worrying about being laid off?

Career Cloud recently broke down the numbers and compiled what they consider the best jobs of 2022. Here is a bit about each of those careers.

Construction Manager

At $97,000 for the typical salary, this is the only career on this list sitting just below six figures. In essence, the construction manager oversees all aspects of a construction project from start to finish.

Information Security Analyst

After the country shifted to remote work, it’s no surprise that IT specialists would be more in demand than ever, with job growth expected to increase by 33% by 2030. The job also comes with a $103,000 salary.

Medical Services Manager

This is another massively in demand career, projecting 32% growth by 2030. The pandemic has made medical workers of all varieties much needed, and this role comes with a salary of $104,000.

Software Developer

Even before the pandemic, people were becoming more dependent on digital technology, leading to this job having prospects of growing 22% by 2030. For making software such as apps, you can earn $110,000.

Nurse Practitioner

At 52%, nurse practitioners have by far the highest level of projected growth for the future. And it comes with a typical salary that can go beyond $111,000.

Physician Assistant

Physician assistants play a vital role in helping to diagnose patients, presenting them a good outlook of 31% job growth in the future, and a typical salary in the vicinity of $115,000.


Though it does require quite a bit of education, lawyers continue to be well-compensated in America, often earning around $126,000.

Airline Pilot

This is a job that can also apply to aircrafts such as helicopters and jets, and will frequently earn $130,000 per year.

Financial Manager

This role helps an organization take care of its finances through responsibilities such as risk management. This career generally earns around $134,000.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

The most lucrative career on the list works with organizations to determine what their IT goals should be and helps oversee reaching those goals. The pay can be over $151,000.

A lot goes into choosing your career, so it takes time to gather all the facts to make a decision. But hopefully some of what you learned here helped you determine if the career that has been on your mind is one to pursue in 2022.

If you want more information about any of these careers, be sure to give Career Cloud’s post a read here.


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