‘Perfect Blend of Science, Nature’: Apiary in West Chester Uses Eco-Friendly Methods to Create Bee-Licious Products 

Bryer Apiary
Image via Unsplash.

Bryer Apiary, a honey-supplying business run by Jeff Bryer, uses eco-friendly methods to make bee-licious products available in Chester County, writes Ed Williams for Main Line Today

Bryer, who is a licensed psychologist, started working with bees in 2000, taking after his father who owned and maintained many hives. His daughter retains an interest in beekeeping as well. 

“My daughter and I got hooked on a science club that involved bees, too,” said Bryer. “It’s the perfect blend of science and nature.” 

The 45 hives that occupy his West Chester property are mostly native bees, with some coming from Georgia.  

He collects frames from the hives and takes them to the extracting location. The equipment uses centrifugal force, meaning the frames are spun so that the honey flies out. Therefore, the honeycomb stays intact, and the bees can reuse it. 

Bryer sells honey and homemade beeswax candles at the West Chester Growers Market. 

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