What to Know About a Company Before Your Interview

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If you have received an invitation for a job interview, you know you need to prepare. But that doesn’t just mean making sure you look professional and that you have practiced answers for questions about your experience and background.

You also want to be knowledgeable about the company. Doing so not only demonstrates your interest in the job, but also can save you time in figuring out if the position is right for you.

A post from Indeed details the subjects you should be researching to be prepared. Here is a breakdown of each topic.

The Skills They Want

Knowing what the company wants in a candidate will help you plan what aspects of your background to highlight in the interview.

What Services They Offer

Don’t just learn what your role is but know what the company’s overall goals are with their work.

Their Core Beliefs

What kind of culture does their workplace have? This lets you know in advance if your personality will fit in.

How They Were Created

Having knowledge of the company’s history demonstrates that you care about their past and what they have accomplished.

Your Interviewer’s Connection

If you know the name of who is interviewing you, see if you can learn what they have done with the company so far so you can discuss those topics further.

What Their Mission is

Why are they offering the service or product that they do? What is it they want to achieve?

What Makes Them Unique?

What sets them apart from others doing similar work in your eyes?

Who Their Competitors Are

This shows you know about the industry as a whole and are seriously trying to get into this type of work.

What Are They Known For?

Have they been mentioned in the media lately? Check for recent news stories.

Who Are Their Leaders?

A leader sets the standard for the company. What does this company’s leader stand for?

You might not be able to find detailed information on all of this in your research, but having a foundation will definitely give you an edge, even if not all of these subjects come up.

For more on what questions you should be able to answer about these topics, see what Indeed had to say here.


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