Career Corner: Identifying Your Career Problem is Simpler than You Think

Leaping Forward

You can’t fix what you don’t recognize. And if you feel discontent in your career, you probably have a long list of reasons why.  Per, career problems are not actually that complex. In fact, whatever you are going through can likely be summed up in just one of four simple categories.

You Don’t Know What You Want

You are in a job you don’t enjoy, but maybe you are sticking with it because you don’t know what would make you happy. So rather than aiming for exciting goals, you are just trying to minimize what you hate.

You Are Afraid to Try Something New

You recognize your current role is not a good fit, but it is scary to leave it. Even if you know what would excite you again, it is daunting to think about trying to branch away from a career field you invested a lot into.

You Experienced Failure

Everyone wants to have an upwards trajectory, so those moments when you stumble feel shameful. Maybe you got laid off or failed to meet expectations on a big project. This can shake your confidence and leave you unsure of how to start your redemption.

You Are Stagnant

Maybe you like your job and what you do, but it is starting to feel like a dead end. After a while, you want more responsibilities, more benefits, and more opportunities to prove yourself. And you are frustrated that your position is not facilitating that.

If you filter out all the unnecessary tangents in your story, you will likely notice a recurring pattern that fits one of these four reasons.

Simplifying the problem down to one reason gives you a clearer direction for how to solve the issue. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but at least you can start the process instead of being paralyzed by a seemingly insurmountable litany of problems.

To learn more about each of these categories and how to deal with them, read the article from here.


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