CNN Anchor Who Graduated from Conestoga Undergoes Brain Surgery Locally Before Launching Her New Show

Kasie Hunt and Dr. Yosher
Image via Penn Medicine.
Kasie Hunt and Dr. Daniel Yoshor.

Wayne native Kasie Hunt, a 2003 graduate of Conestoga High School and news anchor for CNN, recently had brain surgery at Penn Medicine before launching her new show, The Source with Kasie Hunt, writes Meredith Mann for Penn Medicine News. 

Hunt had undergone a series of tests regarding her frequent headaches — tests that revealed a small tumor deep in her cerebellum.

Last October, she had surgery at Penn Medicine to remove the tumor, which her surgeon, Dr. Daniel Yoshor, deemed random and noncancerous. 

Thanks to Penn’s care and support from her husband, news producer Matt Rivera, and two-year-old son Mars, she has recovered enough to launch her show, which debuted on March 29.

“We’re very hopeful that Kasie will have a great long-term outcome,” said Dr. Yoshor. “At Penn, we take pride in completely removing the types of tumors that can be effectively treated with surgery alone, as is in this case, thankfully.”

Hunt began her career reporting on healthcare policy. She said she will try to focus conversations on health-related topics in her show, as well as other common subjects the public can relate to. 

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