‘Bearly’ to Be Believed: Another Local Neighborhood Reports Ursine Visitor


A Doylestown homeowner’s Nest cam recently caught sight of a nocturnal visitor, a bear, in the driveway. Jillian Mele reported on the wild development for 6ABC.

The ursine visitor can be seen lumbering onto the property of Alberto Córdova, eyes shining eerily in the reflected glow of a porch light. He or she casually knocks over a nearby trash can, enjoys a small snack, and wanders off.

“I didn’t know what it was. I was afraid to ask,” Córdova said. “It was kind of impressive for me, especially since it was my first time seeing a bear here. …It was very strong. Mostly I was concerned because I have two daughters.”

Neighbors have cause to share Córdova’s worry. The home the bear visited is directly across the street from George M. Bush Park. The neighborhood gathering spot is widely used for its baseball/softball fields, walking trails, nature area, picnic area, and playground.

This sighting echoes several bear reports last summer. Beginning around Memorial Day weekend, residents of Lower Makefield Township logged eyewitness sightings of a burly beast whose activities included ripping down a backyard bird feeder.

Now, as then, the Pa. Game Commission recommends extreme caution to residents who may happen on one of these potentially dangerous carnivores.

More on this story is at 6ABC.

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