Newsweek: Video of West Chester Grandmother Who Finds Out Her Family Is Moving Closer Goes Viral 


my sweet grandma 🥺 she’s been asking us to move closer for so long #fyp

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A heartwarming TikTok video of a grandmother finding out her family is moving to West Chester to be closer to her has gone viral, writes Kate Fowler for Newsweek

The video was posted by granddaughter Grace Marcella five days ago, and it has already garnered more than 2.2 million views and over 410,000 likes. 

The family surprised grandma with the exciting news while standing in front of their newly bought house, and her reaction melted millions of hearts online. 

At first, she thought the family had bought the property as an investment, but once she realized it was her family’s new home, she was overwhelmed with emotion. 

“I’m so grateful,” she said as she leaned in for a hug with her daughter and started to cry. “I’m not sad, just overwhelmed.” 

Marcella explained that with the passing of her grandfather and both her and her brother no longer living at home, it seemed appropriate for her parents to be able to relocate closer to the grandmother.

“My grandma’s been wanting us to move closer for pretty much our entire life,” she said. 

Read more about the heartwarming video in Newsweek

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